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Data Recovery has changed immensely over the years. Like everything thing else, especially “I.T.” related, off-site data recovery has evolved into more of an inclusive service from what it once was.

What does that mean for those of us who have failed hard drives and need recovery? Well, it means a more transparent industry, better communication and most importantly, a better understanding of what options there are to us so when the worst happens again, we can mitigate the effects of losing all that data through advice on backing data up and utilizing better storage techniques so that we can rely and fall back on redundancies rather than risking everything on a single storage solution.

So, years ago I found off-site data recovery labs to be very impersonal and almost cryptic in the way they communicated.
Always by email, never any clarification or explanation on their findings or level of work. – which leads to my biggest gripe, being cost.

What happened? How did the drive fail? Was I responsible? How did you recover my data? -and how can I avoid this happening again.

Nothing at all; I send and email to check in for an update and 2-3 week later, I receive a reply telling me their work was ongoing. Ok…
1 week after that I receive a cost quotation for $1545.00. No explanation and no detail with the quote other than an odd Sku number.

After trying to contact by phone, the whole process sounded as though it was something the recovery company was trying to hide. I felt like my data was being held for ransom.
… fast forward 3years and yes, the inevitable happens again.
This time I thought I had a backup plan. Well, yeas and no. I did but because I hadn’t researched my options and learned how to properly back up, I soon discovered that my “automatic backups” hadn’t been automatically backing up at all. Human error – or lack of understanding the software I was using.

Hesitant to go through the taboo process of off-site data recovery again, a friend gave me the number of a newer recovery company they dealt with the year before.

This time it was taxes and payroll – all business data. So, I had no choice but this time I was determined to shop around and do my homework on which lab to deal with. The potential to have another $1000-$1500 is no small expenditure so I was determined not have the same experience.

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  1. Kumar June 13, 2015 at 2:09 pm #

    Hello sir. my Western My Passport external hard drive 1TB. It crashed with blinking led and click noise. I have around 800GB of data that I need to recover all. Do you have any advice, kindly, I need your reply ASAP.

    • Bentley June 13, 2015 at 2:39 pm #

      Hey Kumar, if your Passport drive is making clicking noises I would recommend sending your drive to a professional recovery lab. Those drives have very delicate heads, if your dropped or bumped that drive the heads could have damage that can end up scratching the platter surface. The more you power on your drive you risk causing additional damage. If you really want your data back don’t try and fix this at home, call around and find a lab in your area that can help.

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