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MyPCBackup Review Summary


  • Unlimited storage space
  • Synchronisation ability for multiple computers
  • Ability to sync multiple computers


  • New company, therefore lacks long term user feedback
  • Lacks Mac and Smartphone support
  • Lack of extended features


MyPCBackup is good value for money service that offers unlimited computer backup and unlimited storage space, but needs to be more feature rich to compete with the market leaders

MyPCbackup is a relatively new backup service that launched in 2010, over recent years we’ve seen many backup services launch, but few of them have managed to get our attention like MyPCBackup has.

Straight away, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the service offers some incredible value for money deals. The unlimited storage, with multi computer synchronisation are normally unlikely bedfellows as services either support unlimited storage but with restricted access from additional computers, or offer instantaneous backups across unlimited number of computers but with minimal storage space.

Prices start from $5.95 per annum, which is very competitive, it certainly beats the leading rivals like Carbonite and LiveDrive on price.

During our testing we found the upload speed quite slow, even on our fast internet connection, it took us a while to upload a mere 10MB library of pictures. On the plus side the interface was very easy to use and found it to be intuitive.

The reason for this could be down to the simplicity of the user interface, which ultimately comes down to the fact that MyPCBackup is very basic and doesn’t support many advanced features.

The upload/download file transfer queues cannot be prioritised, which is annoying, because many times you want to prioritise the recovery/backup of your most important files ahead drive fillers.

All in all, I think MyPCBackup has a long way to go to rival the likes to Mozy and SugarSync, but it’s strength lies in the generous storage plans and relatively cheap pricing. With a bit more work on some advanced features, and Mac support, MyPCBackup can be a real showstomper.

Bottom line is, If you just want a value for money online backup plan and aren’t too concerned with advanced features then MyPCBackup should be perfect for you.

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SOS Online Backup Review Summary


  • Backup up to 5 computers
  • 50GB storage space for basic account
  • On the fly backups
  • Easy web access to your files
  • Better encryption than most
  • Highly configurable advanced features
  • Software can perform external drive backups for larger files


  • Not much to mention, backup software can be difficult to get to grips with
  • No Mac support until Q4 2011


SOS online backup is reliable, and performed well during our testing, and we struggled to find a fault with it.

As you can imagine, my job requires me to spend a great deal of time testing and reviewing backup software for this site. After a certain point all online backup software appear the same or very similar, at least.

When I began my review of SOS online backup I was expecting the same old typical online backup features, however after installing the software I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s been quite some time since I came across a backup service that took the time to really consider the needs and requirements of the end user, the first of which was when I tested out SugarSync.

Local external drive backups

There are some very useful features available to SOS online backup, which I’m amazed aren’t supported by other providers, one of the most useful advantages SOS online backup has is that it supports local external drive backups, now online backup is great for your critical files, but it’s not useful for large media files and the most cost effective method to backup large files is onto an external hard drive. Too often you have to fork out another $50 for a local backup software. But SOS have thought about that, and built in local backup functionality on their free online backup software that is provided with your online backup subscription.

Custom encryption keys

Now, at this point I realise I should warn you, SOS online backup is not designed for beginners or luddites, SOS online backup has some advanced features which may cause more problems than it solves if not used correctly. This is particularly the case with the UltraSafe feature, all online backup services support data encryption which involves encoding the files using a key. The files can only be decoded using that key. If you forget or lose the key, your data is as good as lost. Most of the providers realise that a sizeable proportion of users will lose or forget their keys, so they set and keep the encryption keys hidden from the end user.

Although this is a safe practice, it is by no means foolproof, so SOS online backup supports UltraSafe which allows its users to set their own encryption keys. You can choose to use it or opt out, but note that when you use UltraSafe, you need to set a tough encryption key that cannot be broken using brute force, and keep a hard copy in case you forget it. Because SOS Online Backup will not be able to recover your files without it.

Backup scheduling

SOS supports both automatic backup and scheduled backed, although automatic backup is the preferred choice, it should be noted that if you are working on a large document that you save every 15 minutes or so, it can slow down your internet connection as SOS will keep uploading every saved version of the file. So you can elect to do scheduled backups instead.

Web Access

Much like SugarSync and Carbonite, you can access your backups through the web, from an unattached computer, this is useful if you want to access certain files away from your home, such as through your work computer.


SOS Online Backup has worked well during our tests, and has well packed featured that should set an example for others to follow. On the flipside the array of features and configurables could alienate many novice computer users, and I suspect SOS Online Backup is designed more for advanced computer users.

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Carbonite Review Summary


  • Automatic backup
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Suitable from Windows and Mac
  • 30 day version history
  • Smartphone access with iPhone and Blackberry
  • Web access to all your files


  • Reduced bandwidth for heavy users
  • No automatic storage for videos
  • One subscription per computer


Carbonite is a suitable for single users who want to backup files online, it offers generous unlimited storage options. However the restriction of one subscription per computer will put many people off.

Carbonite is one of the most well known backup providers out there, and it’s not without reason.

Carbonite claims to have backed up over 80 million files, and helped recover more than 7.2 billion files, backs up more than 150 million new files every day and has users from over 100 different countries.


It’s clear from the software utility that Carbonite was designed for the average computer user because we found the software installation very simple and easy to use, and the software program itself is very easy to use, and probably won’t require you to read up on the instructions on how to use it.

User Interface

The backup software by default backups up everything in your my documents or libraries, and will begin to upload all your files less than 4GB in size, although you can backup large files by manually selecting them.

The interface in Carbonite is slightly different, to select files to include/exclude from the backups, users need to select them from Windows Explorer (PC), rather than doing so from the backup program itself.


Users can schedule backups by time, not whether if the system is idle, which is quite annoying. It does however give you the option to prioritise file transfer based on bandwidth; you can select smaller files to upload first. Additionally you can set backups to run automatically, so files will be uploaded as soon as their created/updated.

Restore Backups

Unlike many other online backup providers, Carbonite has put a lot of thought into the restore facility, for when you’re recovering your lost data from carbonite. Carbonite allows users to prioritise file download, so you can opt to download all the important documents first, and your music collection last. This is a very handy feature for professionals.

Unlimited Storage

Carbonite offers unlimited storage, meaning you don’t have to stress over running out of space, as long as you have files to upload and an internet connection you can backup.

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Mozy Review Summary


  • 50GB online backup on basic plan
  • Mac and PC support
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption, same as many online banks,
  • Bandwith trottleing to backup at certain times of the day
  • Automatic backups
  • Access to DVD restore for faster restoration
  • 30 day version history for all backups


  • No synchronisation service
  • No support for mobile apps


Mozy has lost it’s edge as the best online backup provider after they removed unlimited storage allowances, however they are still competitively priced and offer a host of great features.

For anyone looking for a suitable online backups service for their needs will undoubtably come across glowing reviews and ratings for Mozy, and tha’s not without reason. For one thing, Mozy is owned by EMC corporation, a fortune 500 company. And have bases all over the world. Founded in 2005, Mozy is the world’s biggest and trusted online backups service for home use and for small business use. Mozy boasts about storing over 25 petabytes of data, that’s a whopping 1 BILLION megabytes of data.

50GB Storage

What most appealing for Mozy as a home backup service is the fact that it offers 50GB storage price for a low fee of $5.99 which you can use to store your music, videos, downloads, documents and games. For online backup, 50GB is ample space to store all your essential files.


Mozy is extremely simple to use, just download the software, enter your login information and pick the folders you want to backup, and the software will do the rest, no complicated setup procedures or tricky installations, just install select your options and away you go

Encryption and Security

If you’re worried about leaking your valuable files to malicious parties, or just other prying eyes in general. You can be safe in the knowledge that all files are sent over a secure SSL encrypted connection and the files are always encrypted on the server, only you as the end user never have to deal with the technicalities because all decoding is done behind the scenes.

Bandwidth Throttling

To save on choking out your internet connection Mozy will ensure that your internet connection is only used when it’s idle, what this means that Mozy will deliberately slowdown its upload when you are using the internet quite intensively, however when you are away from your computer Mozy will be busy uploading your files to keep them safe and secure.

Priced at $5.95 per month for the Basic package you get automatic scheduled backups, Support via tickets, file encryption during transfer and storage, bandwidth throttling and advanced web share.

With the Mozy Pro account you get server support, Network drive support, 24 hour phone support, custom domain and centralised administration.

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Keepit is a great Denmark based Online Files Storage service, which is owned by a company called Cohaesio which has been involed with internet based data management services for a long time.

Keepit’s ethos is the fewer clicks the better, and we certainly approve as it makes the desktop application a joy to use as tasks can be performed very fast. No unnecessary lag in getting things done.
Much like most online backup services Keepit offers multiple packages for you to sink your teeth into.

Keepit free

Similar to the Mozy service, Keepit offers free 2GB of storage in order for you to sink your teeth into and trial the service. This is a great way to figure out whether you like the service, speed, usability of the desktop app and general operation of the online files storage service. However because this is a free service, it needs to be used, and if no activity is observed for 90 days, the account will be permanently deleted, so it’s worth investing in a pay for service.

Keepit Unlimited
The pricing structure is great, for only $4.95 you get an unlimited amount of data allowance, although you’re confined to using it as a personal account and restricted to one computer, this can be a setback if you wanted to use it with your laptop and desktop computer.

Keepit Unlimited has all the usual mod cons that come with online files storage services including automatic daily backups and a cool 30 day history of all your previous files, so if you accidentally delete a file, you have an archive on the server ready to use. Pro
This Online Files Storage service is great for the pro user, whether it’s for a computer buff or a business/professional user. It comes in at a cheaper $3.95 per month, however the difference is that users are charged 50 cents per GB of storage. So depending on how much data you are expecting to store, this can be a good or a bad deal.

The advantage of this service over others is that it has windows server compatiblity and a unlimited amount of connections to multiple computers. It also comes with a control panel to manage all the user files and settings.

Users can pay monthly or opt to pay for a year or two up front and benifit from a discount for two months worth of free use.

Keepit is a great online files storage service and we recommend them highly.

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LiveDrive Review Summary


  • Web access
  • Facebook integration
  • Synchronisation between computers for pro version
  • 14 day Free Trial – no payment required
  • Smartphone access with iPhone and Android


  • No PC synchronization for regular plan
  • Unresponsive customer support
  • Backup does not always work


Although at first glance LiveDrive seems to have very useful extensive features, we have concerns about their backup stability, we’ve heard of numerous complaints of LiveDrive services on the web from various users. I’d like to think these were past issues which are now resolved, frankly it’s important to have 100% faith in a backup provider, and LiveDrive doesn’t alleviate these concerns just yet.

Full Review

The online storage hosting market is crowded, and with the ever-increasing numbers of services propping out everywhere Livedrive has decided to attack the market by offering some fantastic array of features for users to enjoy. What we like particularly about LiveDrive is its offer of unlimited capacity so users can store as much data as they need. With hard drive being flooded with music, movies, downloads, as well as large photos some of which can be as 8MB in size, unlimited storage is a much appreciated feature for today’s computer users.

Simply sign up for a mere $5 monthly fee, download the client and select the folder you want to secure. The application is feature packed and has some pretty important cool bandwidth throttling features, the backup application sits in your notification area and automatically backups up any essential information with the LiveDrive server, and has some scheduled scans which checks the web server periodically to make sure the automatic backups has not missed any important files.

The web based LiveDrive online storage portal is a great way to access files through the LiveDrive website, this is great for access important files when you don’t have your computer to hand or for accessing in your smartphone or iphone.

Livedrive has some issues in the past with its buggy .Net 2.0 software, however all these teething problems have been resolved and now the LiveDrive is faster and more efficient than ever. The choice to adopt .Net integration was a smart move on their part, as it allows much faster and capable internet based features that regular desktop software aren’t so great at doing.

Priced at a mere $5 per month, and comes with a free trial, this is definitely a great safe and secure way to back up your information.

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Here were going to be discussing ElephantDrive a great online storage solution, ElephantDrive has everything you need to store your important personal files, you can easily manage your online storage with file search and file history, and set up backups and even set up sub account sso that other users can store their data onto the servers as well.

What makes ElehpantDrive an attractive service is the pricing plan, ElephantDrive accounts have unlimited storage room, so you don’t even need to worry about storing in a certain amount of space or going over your space

The home package has is currently priced at $4.95 per month, covers 1 computer, has a maximum 1GB limit on file size, 30 day version history, and comes with a 15 day FREE trial to sink your teeth into.

The next step up is the home plus edition, priced at $9.95, allows you to use up to 4 computers and a staggering unlimited version history.

However this is where things get really interesting, for corporate users there is a Pro Edition priced at $34.95 allows for up to 10 workgroup computers each with it’s own sub account, has backups of the last 20 versions and has support for server environments.

The ElephantDrive Online Storage Backup service has a very simple interface, you simply download the backup client and enter your login information and backup settings and you can easily retrieve and upload backups at the click of a button.

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After studying numerous online PC backup systems, we’ve come to the conclusion that eazyBackup deserves the price for the best online backup provider. It was a two horse race between Mozy and eazyBackup and we decided to that eazyBackup just nicks the title with the live data synchronisation service, which beats all online PC backup systems out of the water.

For our full reviews read the online backup reviews section for the rundown.

So what makes eazyBackup stand out so much? Well, like every other service, they have their strengths as well as their weaknesses. They have a very easy to use and useful we interface, give you the ability to listen to your mp3 files from the web, and even share some of your files with other users [emphasis on the word some here], allows you to create a group folder called the briefcase that synchronises files between all computers, and the ability to backup files as changes are made. What makes eazyBackup really shine is their web interface, it’s really good, well thought-out, and feature right.

If you’re anything like me you probably use a iphone or a smartphone, well eazyBackup has absolutely the best support for mobile devices. You can even administer essential system tasks like restoring previous versions of files straight from your smartphone. Ther prices are very reasonable and well balanced to give the user enough storage space to suit all their needs.

eazyBackup uses a very low resource application which was around 10mb at the time of writing, which leaves very little footprint on your PC system. I was able to use use eazyBackup on my netbook without even noticing a ditch in performance, which tells me it doesn’t use much system resources.

Data Backup


Offsite Data Backup is the practice of storing backups in a secure location, in a completely different facility to the location to where it use used.

This gives the added benefit protection against fire damage, burglary, flooding etc compared to conventional backups where both the live data and tape backups are kept in the same facility.

Many people underestimate the need to keep backups in a secure location, this is particularly critical for small businesses and freelancers who may not have the tightest of security.

Many businesses simply just create an image backup and store it on a separate drive on the same computer, without realizing that hardware problems, human error and all the other major causes of data loss can affect both the live data and the backup in this instance.

To add insult to injury many managers view offsite data backup as a luxury and not necessary for the everyday running of a business.

Thankfully offsite data backup is finally affordable to the masses and many online backup services can be acquired for as little as $5 a month, and with that price tag users get unlimited storage allowance and instant 24/7 backup services as long as you are connected to the internet.

Offsite data backup services allow for users to easily and conveniently store data in much more capable hands who have higher security against fires, thefts, burglaries. In essence for a very low fee you are outsourcing the backup to a third party for a fraction of the cost it would take for you to create them.

Millions of people all over the world are experiencing the benefit of offsite data backup and so should you, simply visit out Online Backup Reviews page to get more information.

Data Backup

Choosing an Online Backup Service

Online Backup Service providers

Attempting to make best choice for backup regarding factors such as cost of service and maintaining that service over the long term can be daunting – but a good cloud backup company will help you through it.There are many different types of users whose needs can vary wildly from individuals and families attempting to backup family pictures and video, to business needing backup sensitive data.

Mozy logo– Business clients need to know their backup service provider is compliant in certain security and storage protocols while the average, everyday user just wants to know they can backup anything and their data is secure and accessible by only them at anytime.
That said, the common denominator(s) with anyone looking for off-site backup seem to be support and security.
– These, combined with other intricacies of data backup such as transfer rates (i.e. how long your data takes to fully backup – and in the event that you need it back again, the speed at which it takes you to restore data), will ultimately determine cost of service.

So, to summarize; the type of data, what you’re backing up from and speed of service are just a few key things to keep in mind when evaluating performance and cost in cloud backup services.

eazybackup logoWhen all is said and done, no matter what type of service you decide to go with and pay for – every backup service provider should, without a doubt, offer intuitive, well laid out software. Being this is most likely a long-term decision, you should also be dealing with a company whose service is secure and well supported.

Carbonite online backup logoDo your homework and shop around. There are many choices and given that your private, personal data is up for grabs, you don’t need to settle for second best.