Data Backup


After studying numerous online PC backup systems, we’ve come to the conclusion that eazyBackup deserves the price for the best online backup provider. It was a two horse race between Mozy and eazyBackup and we decided to that eazyBackup just nicks the title with the live data synchronisation service, which beats all online PC backup systems out of the water.

For our full reviews read the online backup reviews section for the rundown.

So what makes eazyBackup stand out so much? Well, like every other service, they have their strengths as well as their weaknesses. They have a very easy to use and useful we interface, give you the ability to listen to your mp3 files from the web, and even share some of your files with other users [emphasis on the word some here], allows you to create a group folder called the briefcase that synchronises files between all computers, and the ability to backup files as changes are made. What makes eazyBackup really shine is their web interface, it’s really good, well thought-out, and feature right.

If you’re anything like me you probably use a iphone or a smartphone, well eazyBackup has absolutely the best support for mobile devices. You can even administer essential system tasks like restoring previous versions of files straight from your smartphone. Ther prices are very reasonable and well balanced to give the user enough storage space to suit all their needs.

eazyBackup uses a very low resource application which was around 10mb at the time of writing, which leaves very little footprint on your PC system. I was able to use use eazyBackup on my netbook without even noticing a ditch in performance, which tells me it doesn’t use much system resources.