Data Backup


Carbonite Review Summary


  • Automatic backup
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Suitable from Windows and Mac
  • 30 day version history
  • Smartphone access with iPhone and Blackberry
  • Web access to all your files


  • Reduced bandwidth for heavy users
  • No automatic storage for videos
  • One subscription per computer


Carbonite is a suitable for single users who want to backup files online, it offers generous unlimited storage options. However the restriction of one subscription per computer will put many people off.

Carbonite is one of the most well known backup providers out there, and it’s not without reason.

Carbonite claims to have backed up over 80 million files, and helped recover more than 7.2 billion files, backs up more than 150 million new files every day and has users from over 100 different countries.


It’s clear from the software utility that Carbonite was designed for the average computer user because we found the software installation very simple and easy to use, and the software program itself is very easy to use, and probably won’t require you to read up on the instructions on how to use it.

User Interface

The backup software by default backups up everything in your my documents or libraries, and will begin to upload all your files less than 4GB in size, although you can backup large files by manually selecting them.

The interface in Carbonite is slightly different, to select files to include/exclude from the backups, users need to select them from Windows Explorer (PC), rather than doing so from the backup program itself.


Users can schedule backups by time, not whether if the system is idle, which is quite annoying. It does however give you the option to prioritise file transfer based on bandwidth; you can select smaller files to upload first. Additionally you can set backups to run automatically, so files will be uploaded as soon as their created/updated.

Restore Backups

Unlike many other online backup providers, Carbonite has put a lot of thought into the restore facility, for when you’re recovering your lost data from carbonite. Carbonite allows users to prioritise file download, so you can opt to download all the important documents first, and your music collection last. This is a very handy feature for professionals.

Unlimited Storage

Carbonite offers unlimited storage, meaning you don’t have to stress over running out of space, as long as you have files to upload and an internet connection you can backup.