Data Backup


Here were going to be discussing ElephantDrive a great online storage solution, ElephantDrive has everything you need to store your important personal files, you can easily manage your online storage with file search and file history, and set up backups and even set up sub account sso that other users can store their data onto the servers as well.

What makes ElehpantDrive an attractive service is the pricing plan, ElephantDrive accounts have unlimited storage room, so you don’t even need to worry about storing in a certain amount of space or going over your space

The home package has is currently priced at $4.95 per month, covers 1 computer, has a maximum 1GB limit on file size, 30 day version history, and comes with a 15 day FREE trial to sink your teeth into.

The next step up is the home plus edition, priced at $9.95, allows you to use up to 4 computers and a staggering unlimited version history.

However this is where things get really interesting, for corporate users there is a Pro Edition priced at $34.95 allows for up to 10 workgroup computers each with it’s own sub account, has backups of the last 20 versions and has support for server environments.

The ElephantDrive Online Storage Backup service has a very simple interface, you simply download the backup client and enter your login information and backup settings and you can easily retrieve and upload backups at the click of a button.