Data Backup


Keepit is a great Denmark based Online Files Storage service, which is owned by a company called Cohaesio which has been involed with internet based data management services for a long time.

Keepit’s ethos is the fewer clicks the better, and we certainly approve as it makes the desktop application a joy to use as tasks can be performed very fast. No unnecessary lag in getting things done.
Much like most online backup services Keepit offers multiple packages for you to sink your teeth into.

Keepit free

Similar to the Mozy service, Keepit offers free 2GB of storage in order for you to sink your teeth into and trial the service. This is a great way to figure out whether you like the service, speed, usability of the desktop app and general operation of the online files storage service. However because this is a free service, it needs to be used, and if no activity is observed for 90 days, the account will be permanently deleted, so it’s worth investing in a pay for service.

Keepit Unlimited
The pricing structure is great, for only $4.95 you get an unlimited amount of data allowance, although you’re confined to using it as a personal account and restricted to one computer, this can be a setback if you wanted to use it with your laptop and desktop computer.

Keepit Unlimited has all the usual mod cons that come with online files storage services including automatic daily backups and a cool 30 day history of all your previous files, so if you accidentally delete a file, you have an archive on the server ready to use. Pro
This Online Files Storage service is great for the pro user, whether it’s for a computer buff or a business/professional user. It comes in at a cheaper $3.95 per month, however the difference is that users are charged 50 cents per GB of storage. So depending on how much data you are expecting to store, this can be a good or a bad deal.

The advantage of this service over others is that it has windows server compatiblity and a unlimited amount of connections to multiple computers. It also comes with a control panel to manage all the user files and settings.

Users can pay monthly or opt to pay for a year or two up front and benifit from a discount for two months worth of free use.

Keepit is a great online files storage service and we recommend them highly.