Data Backup


LiveDrive Review Summary


  • Web access
  • Facebook integration
  • Synchronisation between computers for pro version
  • 14 day Free Trial – no payment required
  • Smartphone access with iPhone and Android


  • No PC synchronization for regular plan
  • Unresponsive customer support
  • Backup does not always work


Although at first glance LiveDrive seems to have very useful extensive features, we have concerns about their backup stability, we’ve heard of numerous complaints of LiveDrive services on the web from various users. I’d like to think these were past issues which are now resolved, frankly it’s important to have 100% faith in a backup provider, and LiveDrive doesn’t alleviate these concerns just yet.

Full Review

The online storage hosting market is crowded, and with the ever-increasing numbers of services propping out everywhere Livedrive has decided to attack the market by offering some fantastic array of features for users to enjoy. What we like particularly about LiveDrive is its offer of unlimited capacity so users can store as much data as they need. With hard drive being flooded with music, movies, downloads, as well as large photos some of which can be as 8MB in size, unlimited storage is a much appreciated feature for today’s computer users.

Simply sign up for a mere $5 monthly fee, download the client and select the folder you want to secure. The application is feature packed and has some pretty important cool bandwidth throttling features, the backup application sits in your notification area and automatically backups up any essential information with the LiveDrive server, and has some scheduled scans which checks the web server periodically to make sure the automatic backups has not missed any important files.

The web based LiveDrive online storage portal is a great way to access files through the LiveDrive website, this is great for access important files when you don’t have your computer to hand or for accessing in your smartphone or iphone.

Livedrive has some issues in the past with its buggy .Net 2.0 software, however all these teething problems have been resolved and now the LiveDrive is faster and more efficient than ever. The choice to adopt .Net integration was a smart move on their part, as it allows much faster and capable internet based features that regular desktop software aren’t so great at doing.

Priced at a mere $5 per month, and comes with a free trial, this is definitely a great safe and secure way to back up your information.