Data Backup

Choosing an Online Backup Service

Online Backup Service providers

Attempting to make best choice for backup regarding factors such as cost of service and maintaining that service over the long term can be daunting – but a good cloud backup company will help you through it.There are many different types of users whose needs can vary wildly from individuals and families attempting to backup family pictures and video, to business needing backup sensitive data.

Mozy logo– Business clients need to know their backup service provider is compliant in certain security and storage protocols while the average, everyday user just wants to know they can backup anything and their data is secure and accessible by only them at anytime.
That said, the common denominator(s) with anyone looking for off-site backup seem to be support and security.
– These, combined with other intricacies of data backup such as transfer rates (i.e. how long your data takes to fully backup – and in the event that you need it back again, the speed at which it takes you to restore data), will ultimately determine cost of service.

So, to summarize; the type of data, what you’re backing up from and speed of service are just a few key things to keep in mind when evaluating performance and cost in cloud backup services.

eazybackup logoWhen all is said and done, no matter what type of service you decide to go with and pay for – every backup service provider should, without a doubt, offer intuitive, well laid out software. Being this is most likely a long-term decision, you should also be dealing with a company whose service is secure and well supported.

Carbonite online backup logoDo your homework and shop around. There are many choices and given that your private, personal data is up for grabs, you don’t need to settle for second best.