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Having had a very negative experience the last time I dealt with an off-site data recovery lab, I decided to take a friends advice and contact a recovery lab they dealt with and swore by.
I thought that, having spent more than $1500 the first time around, I would shop around. Calling 3 labs and leaving my friends recommendation to the last, I found there seemed to be a few common denominators when it came to data recovery labs I spoke with;
– lack of information with regards to their actual recovery work,
– vague description only of their service level (cost and timeline)
– and an Unwillingness to take time out to ask questions and understand my problem during my initial call which wouldn’t have allowed them to provide me best consult including a “ballpark” outlook on their service level (cost & timeline)
4th call and taking my friends advice, I reluctantly called their recommended lab.

Awesome – totally different reception from the get-go;
The person I spoke with immediately asked my issue and from there dug into what happened asking me everything I had been hoping to talk about in all my previous calls with other labs;
How the failure happened, was I present at time of failure, any visual and audible queues I notice during/after the failure … and then all the obvious queries and comments you’d expect a lab of this caliber would ask – type of device, the type and amount of data I need to recover, etc.

From there I was provided a “soup to nuts” ballpark descriptor of their service. Cost, turnaround time, which was followed up by an email directly from their representative detailing everything we just spoke about. So, not only did they speak to me like someone who understands what im going through, but they provided a written (emailed) copy of what they went over with me so I had it all in writing, for reference.

At the end of it all, I told them what I had been running into regarding other recovery labs and they said the best thing I did was call around. They told me the professional off-site data recovery industry is, for the most part, largely unregulated so recovery labs and service levels can vary wildly.
They did tell me that most labs out there today give them a bad name as it seems the “customer service” aspect to their industry has not been absorbed yet.

This lab was definitely a breath of fresh air.
I asked why they did things the way they do and they told that it could be due to their business model.
– This particular lab told me they had been in business for 9 years but had only been offering their services consumer-direct for the past 2years. Prior to this they had traditionally offered their services through a network of Partners and/or reseller type business such as PC repair shops and IT consultants.
They told me that the customer service they extended to me was no different than how they treated their Partners. It was only when they went consumer-direct that they started hearing about how guarded and impersonal other labs were.

Glad I found them!